Pictures: The Jump

Pictures: The Jump

Defibrillator to chest

I think I stopped breathing

At the edge of a cliff and I got no one

Stuck on this trip

It’s like I ain’t said this before

I just want To know if you care

You say you do

But you put me in the same situation

Time after time

Day after day

Now the worst has happened

And I’m on my death bed

You want to come around

Like we all cool

Don’t let me close my eyes

Coz if I start talking facts

You won’t like me

We won’t be friends

And I’ll be writing a friend like mine

Thinking of a friend that was mine

Hurting a friend that’s also mine

So fuck are you fucking blind

I swear so much

What you gonna?

Coz I’m about to jump of this cliff

How about you?

There’s no love without losing

So why you winning all the time

I mean whining all the time

Needy babies I hate it

So my heart completely deteriorating

I’m telling you how I feel

This goes hand in hand with The Restart

Fuck so where do we start

Love was once on full blast

And it ain’t been like that in a minute

I don’t need to stay


I’m going back to no one

So This cliff is looking appetising

You can’t stop me

I can’t stop me

I tripped and that’s true

Tell me something new

Whist this rope is around my neck

Dope on my nose

And my last thought

Fuck these roads are so cold

⁃ French


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