Pictures: The Restart

Pictures: The Restart

Took a break for a minute

So I can breathe and have space

Then it occurred to me

There’s too much of me in this place

I’ve given my all

To such a dangerous system

Cycle after cycle

My heart needs revival

Now my tower blocks are rising

Defence mechanism

So I shut down

I wasn’t my usual self

Self dissonance

Rachel I finally hit the bar

Had enough of this fraud life

This poker face will no longer hold

Closed curtains

And black walls

Damn depression really got me

And in the midst of that

Who was really about

This is the stone cold truth

Bittersweet see we ain’t Austin and Aly

And if you had been there for me maybe you would know

Soo I’m walking on this road

And my heart completely cold

Mind in a state of I don’t know

Stuck in this estate like I don’t know

They always need me and I’m stressing

Who gone take care of my heart

Put my soul in to this

My pallet just never dry

Indirect life

I feel the pain

Who’s down to ride?

It’s sad coz I’m crying out for help

Soo much pain

My mind just couldn’t deal

Brushed them away I signed so many deals

Fuck I thought I was in for the thrill

But my mental health is actually something real

This line is sharp and it’s out to kill

Maybe I’ll satisfy it

And you’ll see that I’m real

Blood on the wrist

I told that story

It can come true

Lost in translation

That bullet went through and through

Indirect life so who the fuck are you

All the people say they care about me tell me something new

So this is called the restart

I beg you tell me something new

You know my heart is on the decline

It’s like this episode is on rewind

Groundhog Day

I’m trapped in this beehive

Thoughts after thoughts

Attacking my head

I should be attacking instead

Yet still I’m feeding their heads

They out here bleeding me dry

So I could only cry

Screams in the pillows

I’m not the only one with some sorrows

Trying to cover up my battle scars

I see them as war art

Depict the message

New day

Let’s Restart

⁃ signed Damien


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