Pictures: Pinot Grigio

Pictures: Pinot Grigio

Don’t know what I’m drinking to? maybe it’s the empty regrets

The stress

Depres *gulp*

I’m okay now

But did I make it out alive?

Stuck in when we love

Or shall I say when we loved

Or fell out of it

It’s the moments you can’t counterfeit

So I’m sitting taking another sip

Another trip

Different outcome

Still the same pain

This whole is getting bigger

Do I jump or not

Tears in my eyes do I wipe or not

Pour one for my brother Thomas I miss you right

Soo much pain my souls on this page I hope you know it’s true

Soo I’m looking at this glass in remembrance of you

Glass half empty

But your love made me full

I can never let you go

So I have to let this go

These tears in my eyes man

Digging into my heart

Wishing I could freeze frame our last moment

It’s Big Sean I knew you would have understood this

It’s cool bro

Even if I’m only talking to myself

It’s all right as long as you know your all that matters

Work in the morning

I ain’t stressing

You’re a blessing

I rather you than me

But maybe that’s selfish

Seen my day dreams turned to nightmares of you disappearing come true

Right before my eyes

And it hits me like Cole being daggered more than a thousands times

I guess that’s why I got this Klaus heart

Fuck an imprint man

My hearts in this man!

I am the pallet

This is fucking painful man

Facing all my demons

Click boom did you see it bro

Did you see it happening

I know you couldn’t say a thing

That’s what hurts me the most

And If I heard your call

I wouldn’t need to check myself into this ward

I’m sick and I don’t know what to do

Take me back to the times I would dance on stage with you

Circles around us

I guess that’s why I don’t dance no more

And yes you were always better

Cheeky but still clever

Had my back always

And that will stay with me forever

Just like the memory of you bouncing your basketball outside my house


The old days

Me you and Augustus

His loud words and your calming voice

You should see where he ended up

You would be proud to

Imma make you proud to

I miss you it’s not new news

I’m not alright, I’m hurting

Enigma I left you bare clues

Riddleman 2.0 this is a different ending

Sobering up looking at my drunk thoughts

Wishing I was there too

Drinking like I’ll be there soon

Yet still it doesn’t feel this void in my heart

Hopefully you’ve met the voids of my heart

I can’t say anymore I’ve been forced to let them go

There with you now

I hope you know

Please don’t ever let them go

Show them the way you lived

And they’ll be living like a legend

Marriage one day I’ll have your blessing

I can talk for hours

If you’ll let me

So I’ll leave you with this picture on the table

Just wait for it to clear

Prom night and we posing for a picture

I’m drunk

And a mess

And you look like you ain’t stressed

See the smile on your face

Is what I wanna see once more

That memory is just one of a thousand more

So I raise my glass in remembrance of you

Because I never got to let you go

The way that I should have

Now You = happiness

No longer do you = regret

I can’t change the fact I wasn’t there till the end

I’m not lying

This is my heart

I don’t need to pretend

That pain hurts me on a whole different level

So I take solace in the fact that your with the main man living your best life

One last thing

Say hello to Henry for me

I’ve never forgotten

12 November 2017 2:42


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