The bus ride

Silent journeys

Earphones in

Disconnected from the world

Look what we’ve become

Look what you’ve done

I guess the resentment is real

You already know the deal

Reminiscing about being in the dark

Looking for a feel

I think us lads have been there before

Maybe even the ladies to

Promiscuous maybe I should stop

My mind is slowly drifting away

Hoping I get paid

Now we’ve all been there before

You gaze out the window

She stares at your face

You think what’s so pleasing

She thinks I caught a keeper

But if only she knew deep down the line

She would be the one weeping

See you creeping….. around

She lost her crown

It’s insane you feel the pain

See the void left in your heart

So you got drake on full blast

Please tell me it’s not just me that’s been there before

So I turn to her and stare

Flash an awkward smile

Even though the pains too much to bare

I look away before she could even see a tear

But I see that she has shed a tear

Now I’ve shed a few more

True definition of toxic love


Two lovers disembark at two different stops

Both on two different pages

Complete pain

“Oysters please” you snap out of your daze

Whip your tears away

Dry your eyes

Show them pearly whites

Now make am shine !


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