Two paths

One way

One must change

Back at this crossroad

Where the train derailed

And coaches depart

I’m here to fix my heart

Leave all this shit in the past

I wish nobody would ever ask

About my feelings

But at the same time I hope they ask me how I’m really feeling

Back at this crossroad

Too many decisions to make

It’s like a battle in my mind

And it’s turning me blind

My heart I’ll find

So Fuck you if your not kind

I’ve been stabbed to many times from behind

I don’t know if I could trust again

I don’t know if I could love again

Back at this crossroad

Myself I’m trying to hold

So imma stand up and be bold

You see I’m making all my choices

And i will die by my consequences

Two shots to the face

No chaser

I’m ready to chase her

I’m ready to leave my past behind

Back at this crossroad

Now I’m tequila sipping

Byron eating

Depression ridden

Writing a new riddem

To let out all my feelings

Emotional I know

I’ll never hit the coke


Got going crazy wishing I had my baby

So he could see me on stage and just know that I’m getting paid

Mess around he might see that I’m getting laid

On my g shitt fuck around no he ain’t getting played

Now I’m at crossroad

Playing with my faith

Tempting death

I don’t know what’s next

Back at this crossroad

Picking up my pad again

Think I’ve learnt my lesson

Letters to my unborn

Trynna keep myself strong

Maintaining a legacy

That can be passed down for generations

Just make sure you overcome your limitations

And don’t make the mistakes I made


Back at this crossroad

I want that sit in the seat

Get your hair cut

No questions asked

Type of life

Now I’m at a crossroad

Contemplating wether to take my life

So many days I felt the pain ashamed feeling so deprived

Like a candle without a flame

Like a man without his wife

When a daddy loses a daughter

Or a mother her son

Thoughts distraughts

Now I’m loving this gun

Once again ammunition to my head

And no one ain’t bled

But still I walk on these roads fucking feeling alone

Now I’m at this crossroad

Making decisions

Even if it hurts

I wanted to see you way before you were birthed

But that didn’t happen and it really hurts

I thought I was ready

I guess I really wasn’t

Reality kicked in

Then pain and the stress

See I had to analyse my next move coz I’m the best

Kill two birds with one stone

That’s right

But it backfired on me

And then pain still haunts me till this day

So I will take that to grave

2 more shots to the face

See my love can’t fade

And I won’t be tamed

I ain’t in it for no fame aghhh

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