Today there is hope

Today now I know

Today this pain will go

Today will be a better day

Today is the fight

Today it’s my life

It’s me on the line

It can be patience time

But still move and act kinda thing

You see Today is the Grind

Today we are standing tall

Today is about the house rules

Today we face it all

Today is not about judging

Today we check ourselves

Today we pray

Today we thank God

Today we understand

Today we don’t hold back

Today we fight the betrayal

Today isn’t about the cover up

Neither is Today about putting on the brave face

Today is about innocence

But today is also about strength

Today is about doing the right thing

Today isn’t about getting played

Today is about getting up

Today is about doing

Today is about living

Today is about reconnecting

Today we remember

But Today we overcome!


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