The Juxtaposition

From the depth of my heart

Your touch

Your kiss

Your lips

I miss …

A year ago maybe I would have thrown this pain into a dark abyss

But today I face the pain

I take the blame

I blew out the flame

See me now I’m a dragon and I cannot be tamed

Facing the pain left me walking on the roads all alone

I’m so cold I’m so hurt

But her smile lit up this place

Now my feelings our everywhere

Like a big disgrace

And now she’s whining up her waist

And I just gotta get a taste

I just gotta get a taste

Or should I say get myself a bite

Airways closed

Pipes burst

Calcium in my head

And still I don’t stress

And without you I don’t know what happens next

Because are you the next chapter in my book or the chapter just gone

Because your smile makes me contemplate do I miss you ? Or do I just fantasies about your presence

In my arms …

Either way I hate it when you leave

My mind wonders

Love so abundant

Face in amazement

Mind in awe

Your black hair

Brown eyes

Small thighs

I love it all

Don’t mind what these people say about your face

Don’t curl up in a ball

Get up and run your race

With beauty like yours you shine like an angel in this place

I’ll speak a thousand words of your beauty And I don’t even care

Trust me love I could stand here and stare

Trying to build up the courage to utter just one word

Hoping you will see this void in my heart

Take this love on full blast

I’m sure this will last

Once again I ask

Are you the next chapter in my book or the chapter just gone ?

Because I think my feelings for you are becoming so strong


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