The train journey

Awkward stare

Awkward smile

Small talk

We’ve all been there before

But this time was completely different

Tears fell

Words exchanged


Deep in my heart

To express the pain you want to see


Can’t say we’ve all been there

But we’ve all been there

You stare at your phone

I gaze out the window

As the sun touches my

Brown eyes

Selfie time

Pink moscato or white wine

Either way we need the pain to go

I’m just trying to grow

The courage to say I don’t need you anymore

Then the tears fall

Hoping for an eternal sunshine broken promises

Waiting on this Pretty bird

I sit and remember lucid dreaming

Blue dreaming

Now I’m right back in limbo

Looking for multiple W.A.Y.S of getting out

Getting help

I guess I’m on the train by myself

Wanting to love but die at the same time

Is that even possible?

It’s cool she has a spotless mind and I’m the lying king

Sitting here wadding

For what we had to come back

But the pressure is immense

Too intense

Standing here right back at the horizon of the eternal sunshine

As my eyes open

From a dream to a nightmare called reality

I guess I got the case of some do better blues

Waiting on that silver sheet to take me to the moon and back

In that process I became a stranger and messed up our living room flow

I guess we just became old

Done this journey a hundred times

But none feels different

All the same

I feel the pain

This ain’t no game

It’s just the painful train journey of two lovers combined

Detaching after the last tunnel

Trying to see a clear vision

So we’re back where the journey began

Deja vu

I’m on my selfish shit

On my way to my future

I can keep on with this word play the longer I’m on this journey

It’s worth it because it catches my mood perfectly

Just like the way the sun glo’s on her beautiful face

Black hair

Brown eyes

Sorry for all the lies

I guess it’s time

The train journey


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