Pictures: The corner case

Every where I look I’m surrounded by them

The lot of them, I can’t even move

They’ve filled these streets with this deadly disease

Now the government wants to be apart of it

Plane and simple

Plain and simple

Now it’s in your eyesight

Looks like them towers fell

Everybody wants a part now

Looks like everybody plays there part now

Literally everyone plays there part now

Cars drive you don’t know if it’s police or not, do you even know if you clean or not

Man clean your act up

Bubbles in the day back at it in the night

What’s up with that man?

The crackdown is about to happen

I’ve seen sniffers

Flipping even talked to some sniffers

It really ain’t a glorious life

I guess just an easier life

If you have the money for it

If not the things you have to do for the money will turn you into a mic… Tyson trying to bite your way around this world

I’ve seen too much of this game

To know what the rat race looks like

Just some people stuck in a cage

Different decisions gotta get made, but they’re not the ones to make em! Even though they’re the ones that made them

In every sense of the word

Can you make sense of this world

Somehow we all stuck on the corners

Mines is just on some injustice filled soil

Stuck in my own cage within a cage

Yet somehow I am to blame

Product of my society

Look who’s controlling my society

Flip I’ve joined to many societies

Well it’s the only way to spend my time

Shut that window fool before they come looking at us

⁃ signed – B –

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