Pictures: A Frosty Night in Leicester

Walking past some strangers

I don’t even know how to feel

United by history

But to him I’m just history

Danvers estates

The next mystery on my plate

Staying out till late

Frosty nights

I admit

I must behave

Green light

No mistress

Just a king limited in this city

Strolling over this bridge

Evans cycles

A toxic cycle

Roundabout we go

Cut the corners

Right around we go

Whispers in the dark

What’s today’s story


A new life has begun

Ghanaian pride

I love my city

I love my lady I look at you and want to have a hundred babies

Isn’t it so crazy

How things can change in one year

It’s funny what you hear when you’ve listened clear

Mc nulty vibes

I’m trying smash this girl at the bar

Had to look from afar

Then we exchange a couple words

Even numbers two

Body’s touching

Fluorescent lights

It’s absolutely bonkers right

Captain Morgans to cap of the night

Stumbling no I’m just used to this life

Frosty night in Leicester

Again I’m just used to this life

Standing write you a Polaroid picture

For your memories

You can feel special

I can say I was here

You can say you like it up here

I can say whilst we’re young

You know what it’s post to be

I know what it really is

You can see the candle lit

I can hear the screams with it

I hope you don’t mind this recent trip

I guess it’s just the last night in Leicester

⁃ Signed – Kwesi


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