Portrait Of The Morning Meeting

I can feel my body disintegrating

Literally feel the heat on my chest

New balance in my ear

I guess I’m taking this trip alone

Rediscovering myself


Taking myself to oblivion and back

My mind is on the map

Physically holding on to my sanity

Certain things I can’t say back

Now I’m just right back

Thinking as I write back


The pains back

It’s a strong bout

No doubt

Van Gough are you blind

I like Impressionism

Something like egon schiele in his prime

Red heart like Optimus prime

Infiltrated system now I’m just a Deceptacon guy

Megatron high

Back to reality it’s all the same

The game is the game

My heart little Kevin

I ain’t say at all

Marlo man why’d he have to get locked up in them vacants

Well he was lost in this city

You know ever since little he was under the influence of pain

And the people around him just want to know what’s going on

Boadie fuse blown

Switch flipped

Heartbroken you see there’s no living without bruising

My heart so vacant in this city

Always wishing you was with me

Heavy lifting

World still spinning

District ridden

A neighbourhood lost

We’re just Viking minded

Just minding our own business


Living by limits

Mentally stricken

Opening to wisdom

Picture perfect

The sails souled

So here’s another painting

You are my world

My favourite girl

No1 more dear to my life

Hold me twice

Heart split in three

Please if only you could believe

Innocence is peace you see

And ignorance is a whole lot of stressful

Lost my way

Found my way

Now I’m on another trip

Where to?

Are you joining me two ?

I guess I’m here on my ones

This is not a front

Think what you believe

Critical I see things clearly

Sipping Dharkan in my cup

I see the tea just spilled


I felt the lust

Nothing was the same homie

⁃ Signed – Jesse



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