Train journey part 2


Business zone in business mode

Sitting here just trying to crack the code

My only thought is why the good get treated so bad

See for the interim

I was there to help

But now it just feels like your whipping me

With a belt

Popcorn smells on this wasted journey

I’m still with my senses

Now senseless I message you

Hoping for a different outcome

Maybe I’ve just out grown you

See silly little games I’ve played before

I guess the throne was never mine

I couldn’t rob from this hood

Starke cameos

She’s was Bayern dinner I guess my heart miss understood

So I sit on the train

And still feel disrespect

Usually I don’t regret

But this right here’s a mess

So I guess this is a story

And you have to decode the message

I’m a Da Vinci guy

Do you really want the truth

It was a way of finding me

Actually doing something new

You screw

I stare

Feelings are still there

Just trying to have no fear

What’s the worst that can happen

No is what they say

No is what you said

It hurt

I accepted

Bruised ego

Heart damaged

I see that’s part of life

I’m a big man

Who the hell am I

To flipping cry

Ricky in my ear

I ask do thugs cry ?

Fuck yes

coz it’s the fake smiles and the laughter

To look out for

An unhappy soul will always show the signs

It’s kinda like flashing lights

Once it’s gone it’s gone

Even after a late registration

This week my friends graduate

And yet I reminisce all that I done

See the dirt that I faced

Now the good is just haste

Watch it all splat in my face

The love soon turn to hate

This could only be fate

On a path to being great

Put respeck on my name

And if you don’t it’s all cool

You won’t know me later on

It’s me who’s keeping myself strong

Keeping the needles out my hands

So don’t come messing up my plans

And that’s the end of the train journey

I’m new and I’m not stressing

This pain is just a blessing

Tonight I’ll let it go and let the wave take over

Oh it’s been my pleasure


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