Rainy season

Lifted me of my feet

I was nearly blown away

Virtually took me off the ground

Even I was amazed by your power

Raindrops hit my head as I stand

Pool side next to the beetles

Oh it’s my turn to get the drinks in

Oh now I can’t walk straight

Left right back where I started

Liverpool you’ve been good to me

I mean I couldn’t really complain

You see the mental switch

So you know that I’m okay

Got my inspiration back

I think I could write for days

But this was just a short trip

You see I for-filled all my desires

Reach new limits

I’m getting higher

Now the girls are saying hiya

I guess it’s about time I left my red heart

For another red heart

Call it a £40mil deal

Bargain at best

You know I’ll never walk alone

So Liverpool I’ll leave you with this

It’s not about the slip ups in life

It’s what you make of it

You could lose £99mill

And make it back in a season

You just gotta wait for the right season

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