Stuck in thought

It’s just me my thoughts and I

That’s all I got

Just me my thoughts and I it’s just a lot

Just my fingers and my phone

Feeling bad to the bone

Chewing gum now I’ve always felt left back on the bench

Shot by a ghost rider

Call it memory faded

My thoughts are going crazy

It’s just me myself and I

That’s all I got

Contemplating buying a flipping glock

Now I’m walking on the roads with a dipper on my waist

I put that dipper to his face

no one can really explain

The beast is unleashed

A king is set free

All these girls are set good

I love Makonnen

I guess it’s just Tuesday

Or should I say Tonight it’s meant to be

Post to be Apparently I Belong to the world

So this is a Note to self

Detailing All I live for

I see Love in the sky

I guess that’s why The Sky is the limit

I look back down and see a Pretty girl with Tears in the rain

So it’s a picture book moment

And I’m letting my heart go

You see I’m walking on these roads

You know I’m going for a stroll

Soo can you really stop me

Do you really love me

Are you gonna show me

Or do I take it from you

Just Say you will

Coz I’m a Robocop number 1 Professional

Soo I’ll see you in my nightmares

Whilst I tell this Pinocchio little story

Put this dark twisted fantasy in your ear

I guess I made it easy for you again

Ascending to the throne

It’s clear that I reign

Watch this throne


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