A Heart Less Bond

Humanity in the balance

Tell me where do I begin

She’s caught my eye

But not my heart

You know I don’t even lust

So am I infatuated by her

Or am I seeking more

Bjorn efforts fade

Currently in my year with kade

Post elena Stephen

I’m still seeking for this thrill

Blood on the teeth of course I’m itching for this kill

But the reality of my life

Post elena demon

I’m just showing you my love

I write these poems

I tell these stories

I hope you don’t ignore me

Brown eyes I hope they look at me

And see me for who I truly am

And not as a product of my gender

My one and only agenda

Is seeing your wonderful smile

Your amazing style

That curly wig ooo you so fine

I’m sure that was the infatuation talking

I hope I’m not getting boring

Having an Issa moment

But my chips can go all in

Gold highlighter your face is dipped in sauce

Memories faded

No longer bonded by the depth of time

I hope you’ll use my words and I’ll say hey that’s my line

Are you ready for some play time

I’ll sit and read your blogs time

Watch just from a far time

I guess I’m waiting for the right time

And if another comes Matt cameo

He’s definitely not worth the time

So I’ll sit and plot and grind

But you’re still the apple of my eye

One dimple showing

My hearts melting

Eclipse gazing

Jacob thoughts I’ll rather imprint on you

Your soft lips make it easy to choose

Ackne on your face I see the pain and all the screws

Different chapter

It’s a new story

Where do we begin ?


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