I never thought this day would appear

And now I’m fighting back these tears

You say it’s yours and I say it’s mine

But really and truly we’re both not fine

They say love can make you blind

That’s why we’re here in the first place

What’s soo fucked up is that you hurt me in the worst way

But when I want to be angry at you I realised I fucked up in the worst way

Now I don’t know how things are going to go on your birthday

now that I started pushing a little less the memories are starting to fade

And I’m hoping this is just a game

See I know you would love me the same

If tomorrow I woke up to fame

Call me lame

But my love for you can’t be tamed

So I’ll be damned if ever let you love another again

Once again I ain’t in it for the fame

This is just a creative outlet to let my love for you reign

And also to release some of this pain

Because it’s really hard to watch you walk away

Thinking so much I’ve gone from my 2 minute warning to my 3 am blues

Trying to pick up the pieces of the puzzle

It’s a shame there’s no clues

Now I’m watching the 4 am news

Reminiscing on my 3:16 thoughts

Wishing I can hit a blue dream

Inside my soul the pain crying out like the portrait of the scream…


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