The Last Encounter

Intrigued and I don’t know what to do

Fascinated by your beauty

Has got me lost for words

Butterflies roaming freely in my stomach

How did we get to this?

The inconsistent kisses

And the hugs that should feel soo warm

I visualise your whole embrace

I want to know more

But don’t know what to ask you

Trying to find the boundaries

But I don’t want to tear that line

I want to do more than be your cheekiness on the side

Your two hands out is where my heart resides

So if I write it and it’s so

Will you let me take a look into your soul?

I want to know you more

From your smiles to your tears

Even to your darkest fears

I sit here in awe of you

As one hand steers

And the voices of like whisper

Whilst the waves flow in the night

That one kiss

The spark to this empty tunnel

Maybe it’s your home now?

And you don’t know what to do with it

Maybe I make you shy

Hence why you’re holding in your cry

When in actuality fact

The vulnerable you is who I want to see the most

You in your simplest form

You still amaze me

Never down for too long

And like the snap of a finger

Your energy can change to the move of a beat

You make me smile

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