New York Remedy

Sitting here watching the tears drop but it’s not from me or you, but I can relate though.

Trust me bro I’m feeling your pain but I’m not holding a suitcase, instead I’m holding my heart in my hands, admitting and clear visions

So I’m on this journey and the tears come tumbling down. These are mine and these are real, fluorescent lights full of thrills.

So I’m out on my own, on a journey to find some happiness whilst happiness is left at home.

What am I doing I don’t know, two souls just growing old. I wanna drink I don’t know, never sober just touch the dome.

4 years endorphin ridden, this pain deteriorating my soul. It’s just words I used to say now it’s real so I don’t know.

I tried not to be the scumbag but it just happened now we’re here, heart broken you see it’s another stressed filled day

With my mind engulfed in pain

Right back at the beginning sipping some alcohol to drown the pain, two shots to the head now I’m down for fame

Things different now as I lay in the New York sun and reminisce. Indistinct chatter two thoughts feeling this flattery, oh the art of being alive


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