Pictures: 4am Screams

4am screams

It’s around 12 am and I just got home from a date with my girlfriend. We went to the movies, no occasion we just wanted to see each other. 2 year anniversary in a month what do I do? Do I take her go karting? Bowling? Her favourite Chinese restaurant? I actually don’t know, I’m stuck I don’t know what to do?

Called some friends hoping they could help me too! Narrowed it down to bowling then her favourite restaurant I know she’ll like that. I mean should must do right?

Maybe I’ll hint at it when I call her later? Hmm decisions decisions

It’s 1:53 and we’re just talking about the latest show we’re watching la casa de papel, you see she’s got my Tokyo heart. I love it! I love hearing her voice, I could listen all day. I just miss the smell of her perfume (YSL Black opium). She’s laughing, I’m joking, times flying.

Everything was all good till I got that alert on my phone! My heart dropped to the floor! 30 years no more. All this pain I have stored and not released. Flashbacks at a time like this. You would think I was crazy. But there was only one person I would have wanted to be here. But I understand family comes first. And I wouldn’t want her to not be with her family at a time like this. For once no dramatic effects, just a whole lot of noise and I’m nexts. I’m not crazy! Don’t know whose side to choose. Either way a life will be lost soon. War threats idle where the heck’s my costume, I just gotta save her…

Rushing to the door, impulsive I know. No one try and stop me, I’m a hero okay! I’m going to save my baby okay! So you lot stay here, I’ll be safe okay! And if I don’t come back, just know that I love you okay! But I can’t sit here and not help, I know it’s crazy okay! Dad please move out the way, if I’m gonna die I’m gonna do it properly. Like a man fighting for his destiny, A man fighting for love. A man with everything to lose, but everything to gain. Or so we thought.

Dad won’t move, now we’re screaming words. His love for me and why he wants me to stay, is the same as my love for her and why I want to go. I’ll go if it’s the last thing I do on this earth. She lives about 20 minuets away, if I run I’ll get there In 12 hopefully she’ll be okay. Dads not budging I’m going to have to do this my way. I’m a man of my own decisions let me go down my way. Walked towards the kitchen, then I bolted away. Managed to get to through the door, I know dads pain I hope I see him again. But the love for my baby can’t keep me way.

Military invasions missiles coming our way, soo I’m running I gotta save her. Before the first one drops down today. 14 minuets to be precise but I’m still 5 minuets away. Fast I run, stride by stride as the brush continues to hit the canvas. What happens next?

To be continued…


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