Pictures: Letting go of Dead Weight

I’m so tired of being used and ignored

Hearts empty

Wrote this once before

Never thought the ripper could be rippered

Till you came along

Changed that

Now my blood is on the floor

All you do is take take take

At least when I was Stephen

It was all about the affection and love

But now you’re Klaus

And everything has to go your way

So do I sit and plot on your downfall No?

Do I laugh when things are going wrong Yes?

Coz the power of this karma stretches further than you know

Sitting waiting for your comeuppance

Oh you a friend like mine?

Support is a two way street my nigga

Yet you wanna see me achieve and be successful

Whilst showing everybody else off but me?

So when I say I’m in this alone

I really mean if I’m in this alone

The illusion of a friend hurts me the most

I’ll write it again

The illusion of a friend hurts me the most

You tell me yeah we’re friends

But in the midst of all this darkness were you there?

So I’m sitting like I’m Ethelwulf

Do you love me at all?

I’m sorry do you have any love for me at all

Treating me like a southwest whore

I’m sure I’ve wrote this before

Fabulous – this is how you made me

In life it was me myself that raised me

So who the hell are you?

To tell me there’s nothing I can’t do?

Wether it’s with or without you

I’m clinging on to my success

And when I’m there I don’t want no more stress

Lights Camera Action

Let’s start this movie again


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