Love Interest – Edition 8

I remember the first time I wrote a bar

I felt a release like going full throttle in that German car

Never writing to become the worlds next superstar

But somehow you know your words are gonna take you far

A form of therapy falling deep in love with writing it’s addictive it’s a need

To write when I’m hurt when I’m happy when my hearts gonna bleed

Sometimes when I’m stuck it’s the only way I can truly be freed

Hoping one day my words will make a difference so the main ones I can feed

I don’t write to be a trend setter I don’t need to lead

But I hope that they touch people in a good way because then I will succeed

Obsessed with making tracks that have a beat

The type of work that make an individual want to move their feet

Produce lyrics that’ll get you out your seat

Show them to the world network so like minded people you can meet

Watch this space because the way I feel about writing I can only bring you heat

– Ashad SKB

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