Figment of My Imagination

Karma must have come around you see

Watching all these children play

As I wait for an expert

Motivated by your existence but yet I’m Extremely in awe when I hear your name

Junior they say It leaves me so amazed

Remembering the time I never got to spend with you

If I could have one wish I would spend it all with you

Kisses to your forehead

On these roads I ain’t blessed

Continue waking up stressed

As I’m sick in my bed

This pain straight to the head

Tried suppressing all emotions

It’s a ripper type of life

I guess I’ve been bitten

I’ve been cursed

So why the fuck my children dead in a hurst

Premonitions got my mind so burst

But what do you expect when your tempting fate

Walking on these roads you think it’s easy no?

Life on the line it’s not easy yo

So I’m calling out your name

Hoping I don’t forget

And trust me I still regret

Now I’m sitting with the Tec

I put it to my head

See life ain’t okay

I mean I’m not okay

Low tides explains how I’m feeling

Because I wanna be right next to you

In a bittersweet paradise

With my hands on your cheeks

And your arms around my neck

As I lower my intellect

To build yours up

Mini me to be exact

I hope the chromosomes don’t change

I think you should know how I’m feeling

You see I’m still grieving

I don’t know how she feeling

Because I can only tell you about me

Sometimes I ask the powers that be

Did it have to be me

I know I shouldn’t think like that

But I can’t help it

Babies having babies

So of course I had to grind

God forgives and I do to

Yet still I’m walking on these roads with my screw

Can’t help it coz all till now I miss you


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