The 440 party

Cold air

Distorted skies

This is just a different journey

A happy one

Coz the old me has resurfaced

Different memories crossing me head

This just how it has to be

Different spectrum feelings

A paladin

A white knight if you may

Skyline on the edge of an eye

With Beauty like yours

Clouds disperse

At the glance of your smile

That’s the remorse talking

Oh he’s boring

It’s ripper time

And the bats on the prowl

No in denial

Quick on the feet

2 in the streak

Plenty of meat

Nothing at stake

Nothing to lose

Just plenty of booze

Just stuck on this cruise

It’s a glamorous life

I’m just being kind

North circular

I’m preparing

Belly roaring

Still I’m yawning

Amping myself up to go

I’m ready and I’m in control

Call me a pro

Teeth settled in

Let these crazy games begin

Embarked this journey

Watch me go

I guess we’ll end up curling toes


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