Sunny Day

Oblivion on a sunny day

I wish I could go back

Traveller 1995

I’ll complete my mission so it’s fine

Saved a life today

Crazy it could have been mine

He thought so he could

And Now he says

I ain’t here to play

Completed missions


That’s right

Sit and hold tight


Pin point writing

It happens

It’s happened

Stuck in discourse

I’m still thinking bout my past

i loved you so much that i put my pride aside

And watched you walk away

I knew it was a possibility, but i still wasn’t ready until the day it happened

I loved you so much that i would rather you be free & away from me than you feeling alone & right by my side

You deserved more

Do I love you? As an entire Hunan and more?

An actual person who has a couple flaws


Trials and tribulations

The whole works

Maybe I expected you to be perfect

Whilst I wasn’t the same

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