Love Interest – Edition 9

Totally breathless looking at the way your make up elegantly touches your face

With a glow so different my eyes are nearly blinded

It’s you I want to know

So I feel myself up with all the knowledge about you

An attraction so different

I’m hoping you feel it too

And I hope you’re in the mood

Standing outside your door

Hoping for a different view

You see it feels like summer when I was young and childish

Loving you has this effect on me

It’s strange

Dr strange I wanna time travel

To a time where we are free and happy to be in the relationship we want

This fantasy won’t stop

You’re my main desire

Stuck in Desiree

You got me doing things I said I’d never do

At a stage where I would kill for you

Spill my blood for you

It’s a shame you’re unobtainable

So the thought of me and you lingers in the back of my head

Slowly wishing for it to become a reality

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