Two Faced

Why did I let this place ruin my creativity, sucked me dry and ate me all up. I’m feeling this change, sick to the stomach feeling caged in this rage. Living a hybrid life, struggling to be free! So you see yourself as Jekyll and Hyde, two people two sides an anukete straight fear in mind.

And no muse is working out, hoping I work inclosed from the world. Classic living I’m still in it! Still billing. It’s the same old life, crumbling I feel these blues. Same old cycles like nothing’s new. I need a new peace. A different anchor to keep me grounded from my own miseries. Something obtainable to make this all a dream.

Done with the hard times even though I know they’ll always happen. Fighting staying strong. Waiting for a different outcome, I guess I know what to do. Bow my head and pray, stuck in two minds. It shouldn’t be this way, it should be all the time. Reduce to being at this point only at rock bottom, it’s a piss take and I know it.

Crying but not showing it, but still bare faced in your eyes. Committed some crimes, but still you held me and when I was alone you picked me up. I can’t do this, I don’t know how to live life anymore. Crumbling playing this game, head full of shame I don’t know what to do.

⁃ Kwamesayss

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