Untitled – 3



The brushes over there

Do you see me?

This is 1520

And it’s my call

Not yours

I guess we’re still stuck in the past

How did we get here?

We used to vibe

Now you’re mad at me

And I can’t run your town

Perhaps we took it a step to far

Or I just lost control

Different sense

Picture Daredevil in the background

Cross country trains

I see the panthers in the luscious fields

Hey we learnt something new

Am the best

And who knew?

Indistinct chatters

Are we mushroom picking?

Or we going to fight a war?

Explosion collide

I don’t wanna be left in the dark

So I’m gonna take this little ball of light

And throw it over there

Continuous energy attack

I wanna brighten up my world

And if your not apart of it

Evil containment wave

Coz I’m taking back my time

Half explicit

Half not

So face my Big Bang attack

As your memories fade

And those moments past

Though for a short time

Coke bottle figure

I don’t wanna get rid of ya

Nuneaton dreaming

Late night sleeping

Oh I’m creeping

Midnight leaning

Early morning leaving

Mixed with early morning meetings

Oh it’s 8:30 right

Just a glimpse at my time piece

Chanel my inner Riva

Don’t try me

Coz this life I do it for fun

I don’t care no more

Indirect all over the gaff

Can you spot your piece to this puzzle

You’re a fool if you think I could ever love you

I get the call

I could buss to?

This is the no feelings kinda life

You should try it to

Petty I know

But I don’t feel to

Soo tell me who the hell are you?

This line will never be overused

Maybe I should snorted the white lines to

Box a day

Maybe my heart couldn’t take

Maybe my mind couldn’t wait

Maybe it’s just too much on my plate

Painting this glorious picture

Just before the train departs for good

Am back to being me…

To be continued


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