The school of sick

Stuck in the school of the sick

It’s like a prison labyrinth

Where you have as much time to reflect on yourself

Ohh what a time to be alive

We in a crazy type of world

Temperatures rising

Mothers crying

No son of hers is dying

Unlock a deeper meaning to life

So it’s family over everything

How can you not sacrifice your time for family

I mean

Got a date at 8

But I’m stuck in this hospital bed

What’s your excuse

I mean

I like to read books to

But for the love of my family

I’ll be there in a second

Stepped out in

Air Jordan’s part red just to bus shots

But still I’ll be there

Cos that’s family

They ain’t dead to me

Really they could be dead to me

You see time heals

And the pain fades

As the smoke disappears

It’s family that’s got your back

Thick or thin

We just in it to win

Sitting round the boss table

And laugh together

Laugh at the stormy weather

With gsap in the background

I guess I’ve tark to much

Not everyone can have what we have

Once again I guess I’ve talked to much

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