Pictures: The Corner Case 2

Since them towers came down

All this shit has escalated ya feel me

Police on the corners errvery day

Yet we stay doing our shit

But shit man

Do people really gotta be dying that way

I means

Why we gotta kill our own sometimes

Why can’t we just help our own

I means

Co op Is the best way to go

Decision making in this Tesco shop

Back to writing now

We don’t stop

hating our own

Soo many killings just Watch the throne

Who on top of this

Flipping soo many friends I see

It hurts me man

It fucking hurts me man

Empty regrets

I shoulda been there too

More like been with who

It’s hard to switch sides when you’ve got the devil on your shoulders ya know

Kicking and screaming

Oh this route is just so scenic

Fire brigades

Lights gleaming

Corners getting lit up

It’s insane I can’t believe it

I must be dreaming

Snows falling all across the ground

It must be a change of season

More mothers crying

On a dark bloody night

Coming home from work

Bullet in the head

Her sons on the ground

Another day in the life of a corner kid

Daddy gone ghost

And Ma won’t tell us the truth

Typical we gotta figure it out for ourselves

That’s why you got them angry kids ya know

The ones that act up in class

Talk back to all their teachers

The ones that never stop speaking

Can’t sit still

And nothing but rude ya feel

Then you got the smart ones that do their work

Reads books

Raise their hand in class

Decode the message

And are just inner stressing


When the streets were soo good

Now we’re just robbing the hood

In the literal sense anyway

We all smart in our own way

Coz we know the rules of the corner

Changing everyday

We just adapt in every way

But now all this misplaced hate

Got all these gorillas going apes

It’s just like planet of the apes

It’s a war zone

us V them

As well as us V Them

As well as us V THEM

I listen to Dr. Umar Johnson

It’s a messed up cycle man

Here take this

Now get off my corners

This ain’t Forrest Gump

And I ain’t no snitch

⁃ Signed D’angelo


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