The 10pm misery

So it’s around 10pm and I’m reminiscing on the pain

Pink moscato to the soul

My minds going so dull

The alcohol is all I know

Last week it was the henny

The week before that remy

Before that some bells

But that didn’t come in time

I guess the universe saved me from a bastard

I find it hard to look past this

I guest this what art is

I’m just a lonely artist

Suffering from withdrawals symptoms

Lost the only person I would have loved till my death

And I miss you so much

You see I’m feeling all this stress

No way to bring you back and it’s getting into my head

Infiltrating all my bones

These roads completely cold

Hate the fact that I’m fucking feeling alone

Emotional I know and I’m still so young

Addicted to this life man I feel so sprung

Had to steal this from my brother

Fam the loves so strong

Let me take you back to the day where it all began

The words being blurrted out yeah I need to release

2 minutes of pleasure

2 people feeling so pleased

Poor decision making

I’m breaking

Pictures animated

That night my phone was automated

Voice in my ear

I knowing I’m going clear

Fucking going so raw

She screaming she wants more

I feeling no remorse

Building on this rapport

Her mind I want to explore

But what happened and the pain

I had to grab myself a score

Don’t care if this becomes a bore

How would you feel if you weren’t there to see when your best friend died

Or see your baby die

Still screaming that your baby rides

Whist your bredrin dies

And the baby don’t cry

Years later playing I spy

I hope you come right back

Due to buck you in another life

My souls deprived

And yeah I’m high

I like to rhyme

You didn’t even know that

Didn’t get to grace this earth

With your precious lips

Soft skin

it’s a shame I didn’t get to see your eyes


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