Blood on my wrist

Crying dead tears

Low tides on my snapchat

Best friends double tap that

Indirect maybe

But fuck I could have died

Took my life

Then what would you say

I don’t need this stress

Just a young man building his life

Not a Slave to the system

I’m just being persistent

I’m gonna make it

And you won’t have nothing to say

I did it on my own

Tell me who the fuck raised me

But fuck I could have died

See the gun on that waist

How many shots will it take

To make this anger go away

How many shots will it take

to make this anger go away

How many shots will it take

to make this anger go away

Coz all this pain I’m feeling

I’m wishing I weren’t even here

Slit wrist thoughts

I’ll join my brother Tommy it’s okay

I’ll get some cocaine whites

To go with our high top Nikeys

I’m not walking into this blindly

It’s not the first time

These thoughts fucking come up in my head

There I said it I’m fucking wishing I was dead

Don’t wanna be here anymore

Really life is just a bore

Trash eating

Late sleeping

Oh you really don’t see the signs

And yeah I messed up those designs

Maybe I just changed my mind

Young kid forced to make a decision

Hoping to be different

There’s no way we’re the same

They couldn’t say two words to me

I was the neek alright

Now you gone watch me getting paid

And if I do this by myself

you know that I don’t fucking care

Coz I’m walking all alone

I know that you don’t even care

So the love in my heart

You know it’s really getting scarce

I tell you this story

Coz it’s eating me inside

Brown waters I should jump in

Will the boat even save me

You know I got this London eye

Tourist oh yeah I travel

See why do I wanna wake up

In a place that’s hell

I got a death note

Feeling like I’ve been attacked by some titans

Coz the giants of my past

Got me feeling really shitty

Got some fake niggas with me

And it hurts me right

Uncontrollable shit

Open casket

Red flags

It’s a scandalous type of life

Washington to Toronto

I don’t even know where to go

But first of all let me continue blowing my smoke


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