Lost in translation

I close my eyes

I see the waves flowing

Baby crying

Mother dying

I hear the wind blowing

Trains horning

Red smoke

Tears Rome

On Venice talks

The last display of affection

Back at the train station

But where too

I close my eyes

Lions raw in bitter agony

Emotionless back at the balance of humanity

How about this time I’m not choosing you at all

Emotional I know but I’m going back to where it all began

Feeling like I’m Goku making a Stephan type of move

The thought of you in my juxtaposition is fading away

This Is for the better

There’s too much pain between one another

I still love you

Take this picture

As way of me saying I’m checking into rehab

So look at it and remember what you done to me

The back and forths and the tears you took from me

Literally exodus 2 now

The water turns to blood

More pink moscato ?

Henny ?

Remy ?

Ahh fuck it might as well throw in the them zoots as well

Filled to the brim idc

I’m writing this high as hell

Depressions is a dirty little bitch

you would know

We near the same place

Tears in your eyes revealing the lies

The untold truths


So you’re at the train station too

But I guess there’s no Damon to choose you

So you’re still here hoping I don’t take this trip alone

Listen I’m ascending to my throne

I just hope that you’re okay

Maybe I’m a sadistic cheeky bastard for writing this

But my hearts not exactly okay

But that’s okay I’ll be okay tho

I’m about to flip the switch okay

Time to end this silly game

Just a minute more

Don’t know if I wanna be bitter at all

I’m so stressed to the core

The waves ain’t flowing anymore

And the hate ain’t showing anymore

Bubbles slowing down like the contraction before the baby comes in reverse

Like it never happened

Like I never happened

Could never imagine

I couldn’t ever imagine

So these tears are real

Harder than they ever have before

Faint memories cross my head

Some explicit content

I should be happy right ?

But why does it fucking hurt me

I knew you didn’t deserve me

Instead I was thinking I wasn’t worthy

Fuck that shit now

The cat is on the prowl

See ripper time now

I don’t really care at all

Not happy you had to see this

But you cause this on your own

I was ready to fight yeah I tried

And I tried

I fucking tried

I said if it happened again I wouldn’t stay

But then it happened again I tried to stay

Biggest fucking mistake in my life I see it now

Because all it did is end the best thing I had in my life

My bestest friend

Everything i held dear to my life

Now I feel soo much pain I’m fucking feeling deprived

This some raw shit trust it’s just coming from my heart

Sorry to take your time I see your train is about to depart

Oh and one last word

I’m taking back my heart


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