Mixed emotions

The pain of seeing you leave is making my heart bleed

I wish this was a bad dream

But I know the reality

I miss you sexing and stressing me

And chilling right next to me

But Maybe it’s time to move along

And I’m keeping myself strong

Can’t keep this blame game going on

So imma put it in this song or should I say put it in this rap

Because I can do all la that

And every day every rhyme

I’ll be talking all the facts

My face is hella black

But she don’t care about that

But she’s not here so why should i care about that

Walked out my life now I’m trying to do this all alone

See I watch the game of thrones

Like John snow I get done dirty

The pain still hurts me

She left when there was no time to stress

Spud everyone and said yeah I’m blessed

Do you want to know the full story?

Do you want me to go deeper?

I never thought I would see this day creeping

That I would watch you walk out the door leaving

I was near my lowest and you

Know this

Even though you noticed

You didn’t show it

Now I feel like Nego True because he wrote a poem for his girlfriend too

But this is kind of like a poem for my ex girlfriend

So I guess I should call it the break up poem

But instead I called this mixed emotions

And it’s true I don’t want to lose you trying to keep you

So I had to let you go

I can switch stories but the pain is keeping me on this flow

I’m so cold and good

I’m the new cruel winter

And as the relationship got deeper

And into my mind you got steeper

You don’t want to know the pain in my soul

You don’t wanna dream and feel like your dropping into a black hole

Come back then straight ghost

Gone again so no one but Casper knows

I can say time after time I got some many Iller flows

But what’s the fuck the flows to me if you don’t know what I’ve been through

All this love that I had can’t be ended in second

So i guess this is a new lesson

Find someone new and start pressing

Deep talks and new blessings

Love lust and quick weddings

Once again I’m still stressing

Because it’s not you and I’m just pretending

I knew from way before twenty

That 88 years with you would be a blessing

88 years were still messing

88 years I’d die if your still missing

Ray jay I’m one wishing

Give me two minutes I’ll be finished

I mean 2 seconds with no warning

Views from the 12th floor and

I’m not talking about me horning

This is a dark storm ‘n’ I need a comfort inn room ‘n’ I need you right here so

I’ll stop these tears ‘n’

Will be soulmates ‘n’

Will stay up late

Get up and go on a date

Come back then go again

I can’t just tell my friends

Because will be right back at it again

Once again I don’t pretend

We can’t just be friends

Cut you off never again

You are my best friend


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