Letter to Kate

See I left this place baby

I weren’t around

I am not about

See I left this town

Mind full of doubt

Weed smoking now

Wind blowing wow

I’m amazed mind dazed

At how you managed to cope

I was there I wasn’t there

I guess I’ll have to explain to you in person

You’re the reason why I wrote this

You see daddy wasn’t around

Because the problems that he faced

Took over his life

Now he’s looking the devil in the face waiting to die and face the hell he created it’s crazy because now he’s looking the pain in his eye

With a mind full of pride

I listen to daddy are you proud of me

And wonder if your proud of me

Raw emotions got me stressing

You should know this and it hurts me

Just wanna sit down and open a supermalt with you

Crack some jokes with you

As the sun kissed rays touch our skin

A glance of your beauty I wouldn’t blink

And if some tries it

Fabulous flow I’ll cop a nine a buss a dozen rounds

Ladies don’t like me and it’s got me stressing

Who’s going to be an example to you

Show you a blessing

Don’t want any guy with the smith Weston

Coz on my solo I’ll put 4 in his head then 5 in his chest

And if his niggas are acting up then trust me they ain’t blessed

Savage shit I’m sorry, I know you can handle it

This ain’t how I planned to be

But really and truly these people kept on calling

I dedicated my life to them

Fuck a friend

I hate them

Wish I never met em

But then I wouldn’t have met you

So I guess your just my pretty little blessing

Augmented view

My minds resting

Stopped the kindness now

I’m a new me

Learnt from my lessons

Soon seen my presence

So this is a letter to you Kate

The realist I know

Love seeing your face glow

Daddy loves you


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