3am council sessions

It’s 3 am and I’m so proud of the man you’ve become, starting to think for yourself and put in more effort than ever before. See this is truly remarkable, this is the side people don’t see of you. But that’s OK. Keep your moves on a need to know basis.

Call me a nerd but I want to see you succeed, become someone because I definitely know you can achieve.

Before we continue I have a couple questions I have to ask you.

Orzora: How are you ?

Me: what you want to hear me say is I’m fine, and that life is good or maybe that I’m loving life but instead I feel like shit, sometimes I think to myself why am I here

Go to bed with a tear

I know I’m not alone when I say the tear gets to your ear.

Orzora: why do you feel like “shit” ?

Me: I don’t even know where to begin 17 got caught into this life of sin.

Moving reckless weeks later consequences caught up with me

Played it off but it left me dazed

Wanna here the rest of the story sit down here’s some haze

4 years of relationship that’s no game

Ended in a second

*indistinct chatter:*

You still got a couple more tokes

First of all I don’t care what you think so fuck that

Take your silly little opinion and go suck that

Orzora: so you say 4 year relationship ended in a second could you please elaborate more on how you were feeling ? What was running through your mind when you first broke up?

Me: when I say 4 years ended in a second. To me I never thought we

Would break up, and end up at a space where we can’t even talk to each other. The memory of her tender soft lips starts to fade God damn it I need some more haze

Revealing this had the shyness shout you dey craze

Because it’s hard for me to talk about the pain I feel. My minds so ready to kill

see the tears are back and it’s about to touch my ear

The love pierced my heart like a sharp spear

Then twisted deeper in like a double edge sword

I need a ward

Trust me this story is so long you might get bored,

Imagine it’s A cold dark night and I’m trying to decipher if my life will get bright

I always had hope she should have held tight.

Orzora: sorry to cut you off why did you break up ?

Me: well …

To be continued…

– signed Rollo


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