Lonely man in the alps (mountains)

By myself I feel the pain

Seen to much death this shits insane

I still ain’t used to it

Could I ever get use to it

Should I even get use to it

It’s like I’m expecting death to happen

Felt this feeling from an early age

Now my mind is just in rage

Face so in awe

As the tears drop from my face

Migos style they drop in 3

Already lost 3 in the last 6

And this ain’t a fucking bus ride through Tenisons

Already lost one of my best friends from Tenisons

When will this pain stop ?

And the answer doesn’t reside in a glock

So why kill a nigga In a block

Leave his family crying

See his mother dying inside

Imagine if it was you on the other end ?

So why cause death when you could prevent this from happening

It’s mad see I’m not intoxicated

So all the pain I pushed to the back of my mind is coming back

Ain’t had a spliff in about 6 days

Used smoke more than 3 in a day

The tears that fell in elephant way

I don’t even know if I can explain

Lost a baby it’s all crazy

Now I’m wondering who raised me

It definitely is the streets that made me

But it’s me that actually played me

Now I’m standing on this fucking ledge

Should I take my life instead

To atone for all my mistakes

Maybe that’s the only way

See it’s pain that influences my flows

Looking up thinking lord knows best

Told myself I won’t ask the Lord why

Because I know death is inevitable

Inevitably this pain doesn’t hurt any less

So I guess it’s time it’s finally time

To take my own life

Maybe this is destiny

See I’m fucking feeling alone

So who would care if I’m gone

Or see if I’m fucking feeling alone

Cause I’m meant to be the happy one right ?

The guy with all the laughs

The guy that makes everyone happy

Except himself

Well that guy is dying tonight

I’ve had enough of feeling alone

Turning bad to the bone

Billing zoots to the brim

Smoking it all to the dome

Got my hand on the chrome

Got that dipper on my waist

And if a pussyhole chat shit

I’ll put that dipper to his face

I don’t care anymore

I ain’t here to play no games

And if his mother has to cry

She’ll feel my pain and 10x more

Ill burst him for each one of my children I’ve lost

I can’t stop this pain

So I might as well inflict it on another

Don’t care if you love one another

Or you came from a woman

Got your name from woman

Learnt your First words from a woman

You’ll still die from this bullet

This is the last dab on my pallet

Painting nearly finished

You can have this masterpiece

Coz this weren’t even for me

Lost my grandmother so you see these two thoughts coincide

Coincidentally the pain has come back

Now that my mind is not fried

So I guess it’s time to say goodbye

To conclude I feel the pain

My minds a maze

I need some haze

See stars dazed

So I can forget about this pain



  1. Wow, that’s really powerful. I can feel your pain in the words. So raw. So real. So visceral. Great poem. Thank you for sharing your words.


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