The thoughts of a man in the clouds

New country living

But I’m still out here wishing

That what we had never went missing

I hope you touch me when I land

That’s not the main punchline wait a minute let me land

She used to let me slide

But you! You let me cry so freely

Once again it’s so insane

Red wine to the brain

Ohh shit I guess I can’t be tamed

Wanted to keep it Pg 12 but the way you touch me is nuts

I didn’t even bust a nut

But I definitely burst into something deeper

Walls I’ve never seen before

Water turning to wine

Taste so good I’m starting to feel Devine

I guess I’m letting myself go

In yours arms i know your mine

I’m my arms you must think I am a cheater

I guess I cheated everyday

Hurt you in the worst way

But you forgive me like it’s okay

But I’m thinking it’s not okay

And you tell me it’s alright

But I’m thinking it’s not alright

Agh flip I miss you to the core

My Minds on allure

So many days spent with whores

That this life is a bore

I miss you more and more

You see I’m up in the clouds

Taking a break from these clouds

Two weeks of a different living

Yet still I’m sinning

It’s damn sure insane

And I ain’t playing fucking games

So can you stop me

Before it’s too late …


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